Here’s a collection of tools that might be useful mostly targeted at my fellow bloggers or Internet entrepreneurs.

Secrets to my Success

Hosting: I use and highly recommend Media Temple specifically I use their dedicated virtual to run several sites and having gone around the horn with various providers they have been rock solid.

SEO: One of the largest software purchases I’ve made in awhile is Market Samurai and nothing has paid off better in terms of dollar investment. If you sign up for the 7 day trial they will send you a link to get the program for $97 which I’ve totally made back in traffic and sales. Their training videos are awesome as well.

Internet Marketing: I’ve been listening to the Internet Business Mastery podcast on iTunes for some time and it’s great, I recently joined their paid membership site and although it’s a steep charge per month if you want to catapult your online business it’s worth it. You can work your way through the material in a few months and end it if your not making your money back. I’m not sorry I’ve done it.

Blogging Software: I only recommend WordPress for both a blogging platform and for CMS systems too. It’s free and amazing.

WordPress Theme: One of the quickest ways to get up a fantastic looking site is to purchase a theme that makes it look easy. A graphic designer I am not but I think FiscalGeek looks pretty good if I do say so myself and I owe most of that to The Thesis Theme for WordPress which has an amazing amount of nice features and customization options.

Outsourced Advisors: I’ve taken to using some outside help with things like podcast transcription and even some coding projects and I’ve had great luck finding and hiring people with oDesk. They have a cool interface where I can hire someone hourly or for a job and if they are hourly you get regular screen captures of the work they are doing so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. You can hire people from anywhere in the world and it’s incredibly reasonable.

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