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Paper Budget for Your Pocket

Paper Budget

The pocketmod is an innovative way to print out 8 pages of anything in PDF format which with a little patience you can fold into a pocketable booklet to carry in your wallet, manpurse or pocketbook.

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We’re Debt Free!

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That’s right, this is the post I’ve been waiting to write since before I started FiscalGeek. We just sent off our final payoff to Wachovia Dealer Services on our VW Sportwagen. In just over 11 months we have managed to pay off $63,535.65 of credit cards, credit lines and two vehicle loans. Yes we still […]

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Zero Based Budget Part 3 The New Beginning

Welcome back to our conversation regarding Zero Based Budgeting.  This will conclude our series and we’ll cover some of the tools you can leverage to help you with your budgeting life. I personally use You Need a Budget and it has helped immeasurably to keep our family on the same page with our finances and […]

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Zero Based Budget System Part 2

In part 1 of our series we talked about the high level aspects of budgeting, let’s get under the hood a little more and look at some real world examples and tools for making your life infinitely easier. But first I would like to talk a minute about communication. “Dude FiscalGeek what’s your problem, give me the […]

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A Zero Based Budgeting System

Zero Based Budgeting

I honestly believe if you could pick only one personal finance tool to take with you on a desert island it would be the zero based budget. Why would you need a budget on a desert island? I don’t have time for these ridiculous questions. We’ve got some learning to do. There is tremendous power in budgeting, glamorous no, empowering, yes!

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