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Can Cash-On-The-Barrel Get You Out Of Debt?

Debt settlement services are all over radio, TV, the internet. They seem like a shot at redemption for many people, but often the solution to our biggest problems can be found in the little things we do every day. Overspending is a classic cause of debt problems, but how we pay for products and services […]

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Check Fraud: Why Writing Checks can be Hazardous to Your Wealth

Writing checks is one of those activities which, like driving, becomes so ordinary that we can’t see the potential hazards we face every time we do it. But every time we use a check to make a payment there is a real potential that it can fall into the wrong hands exposing us to a […]

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Manage Your Passwords and Protect Your Identity

If you are like any average computer user you’ll have to manage usernames and passwords for dozens of Internet sites, computer domains, voicemail, telephone banking and odds are you’ll use the same information for all of them. Not only does this increase the likelihood that your password will fall into the wrong hands, it leaves you […]

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