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How Much Money Should You Save in Your Emergency Fund?

There are different yardsticks out there for creating a credible emergency fund. Dave Ramsey’s recommendation of $1000 is an excellent start if you’ve never had any kind of savings in the past. The only problem with this is that while $1000 is better than nothing, it just doesn’t cover a whole lot of emergency these […]

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Emergencies are Assured So build your Own Emergency Money Fund

Emergency Fund

If you are considering any steps at all for getting your personal finances in order your first step should be to establish an emergency money fund. It’s a guarantee that life goes wrong or unexpected. Appliances fail, cars break down, kids get sick, Uncles get incarcerated. You get the drift. So what do you do when life throws you […]

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Find over $1000 in Savings in a Month

With some effort and intensity you can come up with $1000 in Savings in a Month.

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