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When the Credit Score Mania Goes Too Far

An article on a well known website (not another blog) caught my attention the other day. I’m not going to disclose the name of the site or provide a link to the article since it is, more than anything else, representative of a mindset in the financial world that I mostly disagree with. The post […]

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Can Cash-On-The-Barrel Get You Out Of Debt?

Debt settlement services are all over radio, TV, the internet. They seem like a shot at redemption for many people, but often the solution to our biggest problems can be found in the little things we do every day. Overspending is a classic cause of debt problems, but how we pay for products and services […]

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Stop Obsessing on Your Credit Score!

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There’s an almost religious fascination with credit scores these days, even and especially on personal finance blogs. What’s your score? How much has it gone up (or down)? What’s your credit utilization rate? (I REALLY love THAT one!) How long have your credit lines been open? Do this or that and raise it higher. There’s […]

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