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Should You Start Your Own Business?

Let’s say you have a great idea for a business and you’re ready to take a chance and roll it out; is that the deciding factor—the idea? What if you’re certain it’s a “can’t miss idea”, and more important, you’re sure that now is the time? Should you make the jump? Well…maybe. You see, being […]

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Time Is Money – What Are We Spending It On?

Creative avoidance. It’s an uncommon term used to describe an extremely common practice that most all of us engage in to one degree or another. It’s the time and effort we put into activities that will keep us from doing the ones that are really, really important—the kind that may even change our lives for […]

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You’re Self-employed EVEN if You Work for Someone Else

You report to work everyday as required by the company. You work on assignments and projects given to you by your boss or by other managers in the company. Your paycheck comes from your employer, and your retirement plan and benefits package are handled by them as well. You’re an employee, right? Not necessarily! You’re […]

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The Career Diaries: The Architect

The career diaries profile different professions giving you an insiders view of various jobs and careers. The goal being to give you a better view of a potential career by giving you more than the 10,000 foot view offered in vocation guides and top 50 job lists. A job is much more than a paycheck, […]

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Take the Small Wins with Your Money and Your Life

This picture shows a note I found very humorous from my 8 year old son that he left for himself at the breakfast table.  Then the more I thought about it I began to feel sad that he was talking to himself this way and was getting down on himself because he couldn’t remember to […]

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