The Fallacy of OPM – Other People’s Money

Can a phrase influence a person or even an entire society into destructive behavior? The analysis of debt woes is often presented as if it’s a math problem, as though people got too far in debt merely as a result of spending too much money over an extended period of time, and all that’s needed […]

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Deal or No Deal – Take $198,000 or Go for $2 Million?

Though I don’t spend much time watching TV game shows, Deal or No Deal is one that I pay attention to when it’s on. Watching people make big financial decisions under pressure and in a short time frame is an interesting study in human psychology that’s way bigger than game shows themselves. They all involve […]

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Time Is Money – What Are We Spending It On?

Creative avoidance. It’s an uncommon term used to describe an extremely common practice that most all of us engage in to one degree or another. It’s the time and effort we put into activities that will keep us from doing the ones that are really, really important—the kind that may even change our lives for […]

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Will you outlive your retirement savings?

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An article appeared on Bloomberg last week that sounded the alarm on the very real prospect that millions of people will outlive their retirement savings. Lawmakers Seek to Prevent Americans Outliving Savings (Bloomberg, June 11, 2010) had this to say: “In 1983, 62 percent of workers had only company-funded pensions, while 12 percent had 401(k)s, […]

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My Dad the Mole Hunter

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This is a story so important to shaping the person that I am today I have to run it again. I posted this before last Father’s day and since I had approximately 4 readers at that time I thought those coming later to the party should get a chance to share in the awesomeness that […]

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Your Dad Doesn’t Want Pants for Father’s Day

Father's Day

I was listening to the radio the other day and the local department store was advertising their sale on slacks and chinos for Father’s day. For the love of God do not buy your father pants, he doesn’t want them. In order to right this wrong I though I’d provide some shopping ideas that he […]

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Moneydance 2010 Review: PC, Mac, Linux

MoneyDance 2010 Review

Moneydance bills themselves as the most intuitive personal finance application.  It’s an interesting motto so I thought I’d put that to the test.  Since Moneydance is written in Java it supports PC, Mac and Linux which is great news for those not on a PC or those moving from one platform to another. Where to […]

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Do YOU Think the Recession Is Over?

Recession or Recovery

How is the economy in your corner of the world? We’re hearing and reading much these days about the improving economy—the stock market has climbed over 50% since it’s low point in March of 2009, banks are becoming profitable and it looks as if the worst is over for housing and on the job front. […]

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What Would You Do With a Cash Windfall?

What to Do with a Windfall

This question is kind of fun, but the answer to it can reveal how we think about money at the deepest levels. Budgeting paychecks is a matter of necessity; we have a certain amount of income that needs to be allocated to cover a certain level of expenses. When it comes to windfalls however, options […]

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How to Buy Mutual Funds

How to Buy Mutual Funds

So it’s time. You’ve decided you want to start investing, either for retirement, your kids college, or merely to start making your money work for you. The first question is how do I actually buy a mutual fund? Well hold on, let’s back up a bit and first look at briefly what is a mutual […]

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