6 Tips For How to Sell Your House By Owner Fast, Even in a Bad Market

Some evidence is beginning to trickle in of a rebound in housing. How much of an improvement depends largely on where you live, though it seems that most markets continue to be sluggish. It’s still a tough time to sell a house! So if you need to sell your home, either to move to another […]

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Lifestyle Inflation – Where Financial Disaster Starts

Remember early in your life when you didn’t have much money, didn’t make much money and maybe didn’t know quite how? You probably lived on hope, hobbies and friendships more than anything, but somehow there was a sense of purpose in the middle of the struggle that not only kept you going, but it probably […]

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What is the Best Investment Option? Invest in Yourself!

Most of us think of investing in terms of stocks, bonds, real estate, retirement plans, investment portfolios, investment allocations—the usual topics of discussion on the subject. When we get into this discussion, the concept of investing can be reduced to a math equation—how much do we invest here, what’s the expected rate of return, etc. […]

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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early – And Why It’s a Priority

The habit of homeowners in recent years has been to keep their homes in a perpetual state of debt. There are after all, tax advantages to mortgage debt that lesser forms of debt don’t share. And houses have been—until recently at least—appreciating assets that will wipe out debt in an eventual sale. Not to worry […]

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Should You Start Your Own Business?

Let’s say you have a great idea for a business and you’re ready to take a chance and roll it out; is that the deciding factor—the idea? What if you’re certain it’s a “can’t miss idea”, and more important, you’re sure that now is the time? Should you make the jump? Well…maybe. You see, being […]

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4 Best New Years Resolution Ideas for Your Money & Finances That Can Pay Off Big

With the possible exception of the weigh loss/start exercising promise millions will be making to themselves for 2011, getting into better financial shape is probably the top New Year’s resolution, for this year or any other. Sadly, most New Year’s resolutions don’t survive January! Ever wonder why? Most New Year’s resolutions set the bar too […]

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When the Credit Score Mania Goes Too Far

An article on a well known website (not another blog) caught my attention the other day. I’m not going to disclose the name of the site or provide a link to the article since it is, more than anything else, representative of a mindset in the financial world that I mostly disagree with. The post […]

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How Much Money Should You Save in Your Emergency Fund?

There are different yardsticks out there for creating a credible emergency fund. Dave Ramsey’s recommendation of $1000 is an excellent start if you’ve never had any kind of savings in the past. The only problem with this is that while $1000 is better than nothing, it just doesn’t cover a whole lot of emergency these […]

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5 Ways to Get Rich – What It Takes to Be Rich and Build Wealth

When you think about people who are rich, do you often find yourself thinking that Lady Luck played a major role in how they got to where they are? Doubtless luck played a part at some level, but I’m here to tell you that personal decisions, lifestyles and discipline are far more significant than many […]

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6 Ways to Save Big on Holiday Christmas Shopping for Gifts

The holiday season is a blessed time of the year, but one that can also wreak havoc with our budgets. Like every other expense we deal with (yes, as much as we don’t like to think of it as such, with everything else Christmas represents, it is very much an expense!), having a plan will […]

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