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  • Interview with Francois Bondiguel Cofounder of PocketSmith 2010/03/30In this edition of the FiscalGeek Podcast I interview Francois Bondiguel one of the cofounders of PocketSmith. We talk about some of the innovative aspects of this budget forecasting tool and Francois shares some of the new features coming to PocketSmith soon. Be Sociable, Share! ...
  • An Insiders View of the Mortgage Industry – Podcast Vol. 2 2010/03/14An insiders view into the mortgage industry, options for those with poor credit and a complete run through of the various fees associated with a mortgage. This is a must listen if you are contemplating a refinance or looking to take out a mortgage in the future. Be Sociable, Share! ...
  • FiscalGeek Podcast – Volume 1 2010/03/02The opening series of the new FiscalGeek Podcast and some surprising insight on personal finance from a 9 year old. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet
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