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Intuit to “Fix” Quicken Essentials for the Mac and Offer a Rebate

In my inbox this morning is a letter from Intuit listing out the changes they are making to Quicken Essentials for the Mac in the near future and offering a $20 refund for those who originally purchased the product. This is good news that this wasn’t a totally fire and forget product. If you’ve been […]

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Some Practical Advice for Using Facebook For Your Small Business

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Look anywhere and you’ll hear someone telling you that you need to be using social media for your small business. For our purposes we’ll be talking about Facebook but you cannot ignore Twitter or Linkedin as other avenues for networking. Working with Facebook doesn’t come free, okay it does monetarily but you need to devote […]

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Nominate Your Favorite Personal Finance Blogs for 2009 (Hint Hint)

Flexo at Consumerism Commentary is kicking off the Plutus Awards to celebrate the best of personal finance including products, services, and websites. Info: Welcome to the Plutus Awards ) Monday, January 11, 2010 will be the last day for nominations for The Plutus Awards. If you haven’t nominated your favorites, including your favorite blogs and […]

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Free Budget Software Review: Quicken Online

The kind folks over at Intuit have recently released a free Online version of Quicken aptly titled Quicken Online.  Really what can you expect out of free online software?  How about trending data, text messages, iPhone apps among other features? From Quicken Marketing Info: Our interactive charts automatically categorize transactions so you can see the […]

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There’s Something Fishy Going on Around Here: New Site!

Notice something Different around here? I just migrated the site from my current provider to my own VPS over at and converted to the Thesis WordPress theme .  Both of these products I would highly recommend.  I’ve had no end of trouble with my previous provider which I won’t publicly disparage here but I’m […]

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Protect your Identity Online: Facebook a Social Hackers Dream

Use these few tips to lock down your Facebook profile to keep would be Identity Thieves at bay.

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Manage Your Passwords and Protect Your Identity

If you are like any average computer user you’ll have to manage usernames and passwords for dozens of Internet sites, computer domains, voicemail, telephone banking and odds are you’ll use the same information for all of them. Not only does this increase the likelihood that your password will fall into the wrong hands, it leaves you […]

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Graph your Debt Snowball using Google Chart

Say your like me and would like to graph some of your stuff and share it with the InterWeb like say your debt snowball, or your Slanket inventory, or your Sham-wow sales and don’t want to do any serious coding. The Google Chart API has got you covered. Making a call to the API will return a PNG format image.

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