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Build your Home of the Future with a Home Energy Management System

If you want to save on utility bills, a home energy management system could be a smart investment that can also satisfy your craving for high-tech toys. Home energy management devices deliver savings (and a greener home) by improving home energy efficiency. Not quite ready for prime time, these systems are expected to reach the […]

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Bond Week is Postponed – Off to the Olympics!

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I thought I’d have a full week of bond related posts this week before we left for Vancouver but alas it is not to be. So rather than stress trying to complete I’m just going to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. Honestly bond week is boring me to tears anyways, just invest in […]

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It’s Quiet Around Here

Hey my regular readers. I want to let you know that yes I’ve been a little quiet lately not least of which is due to standard Christmas time busyness. Also I’ve got a lot going at my day job that’s taking most of my waking time and the rest goes to my family. I’ll be […]

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Reader Help Needed for an Upcoming Post on College

Howdy readers I need your help. I’m writing a post on the value of a 4 year college education and would love your feedback. I’ve made a 9 question survey that should take you roughly 5 minutes max to fill out. If you have graduated college I’d love your feedback. The survey is completely confidential […]

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Use Upromise to Save over $100 a Year for College by Doing Nothing


Honest I’m not trying to pull a fast one, I’m not promising get rich quick schemes but by merely signing up for the Upromise program you’ll start earning free money for your kids, your grand kids, nieces, nephews, friends, enemies, whoever you want.  I’m terrible with coupons and I haven’t successfully completed a rebate process […]

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WiseBread, Tip of the Week and Carnival Round-UP

I’m a week or two late with some housekeeping. First off if you haven’t noticed I’ve been invited to write for WiseBread a fantastic Personal Finance site that has a myriad of information and some great writers. I’m honored to be writing for them. You should check out my two posts: What Everybody Ought to […]

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In Which I Give Thanks

This week I was featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance (Famous Money Quotes Edition) by none other than Bob Lotich over at . On top of that he chose my story on How to Make Your Own Air Conditioner as one of his 3 editor’s picks out of the some 64 articles total hosted on the site. This was a special moment for me because Bob’s site was the very reason that I decided to take the plunge into the blogging world.

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Here's to You Dad aka Mole Hunter

In honor of Father’s Day I wanted to take some time out to talk about my dad Rod. Now there are dozens of stories I could tell including some old favorites involving broken toes. Such as the time when the riding lawn mower fell off the back of the truck onto dad’s bare feet. Or the time […]

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Cash for Clunkers or Debt for Suckers?

As of today (June 10, 2009) the House has approved the “cash for clunkers” program which would give up to a $4500 voucher for turning in your less fuel efficient vehicle for a brand new fuel efficient vehicle.  The amount of your voucher would be determined by the class of your vehicle and how much […]

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