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Free Downloadable Audio Books from your Library No Less

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It’s Good Friday and a very slow day in many places. I wish we would adopt Europe’s model and actually take some time off for Good Friday and Easter but what can you do. Over the last several weeks I’ve been using my drive time and lawn mowing time to listen to a variety of […]

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Paper Budget for Your Pocket

Paper Budget

The pocketmod is an innovative way to print out 8 pages of anything in PDF format which with a little patience you can fold into a pocketable booklet to carry in your wallet, manpurse or pocketbook.

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Speed Kills…Your Gas Mileage that is. Hypermiling for Noobies.

On my recent good old fashioned family trip to the Oregon Coast we roadtripped down in our VW SportWagen TDI.  I had hundreds of miles to cover and while on the freeway I figured I’d test out some different techniques to see if I could maximize our already excellent gas mileage. We normally get about […]

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WolframAlpha helps you with your Debt

WolframAlpha is a great way to perform a variety of financial calculations including debt paydown scenarios among so many other things.

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Lighten your Wallet and Reap the Rewards

This is a trick way to put all your loyalty card programs on one card saving you from the embarrassing Costanza like wallet. You merely enter in your various programs (up to 6 on one card) verify the codes match and then you can order the cards. There is no charge for the card but currently they charge $2.97 for shipping and handling.

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