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5 Factors to Consider When Comparing Local Banks

Many people have a number of options when it comes to selecting a local bank. This can be both a good and bad thing. It is always nice to have more than one choice; however, this can make it difficult to make a final decision. As a consumer with many options, it is important that […]

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Is Buying Groceries in Bulk at Wholesale Clubs Always Cheaper?

My wife and I split many household chores and one of them is grocery shopping. I handle the food warehouse and she tackles the traditional chain grocery store runs. We’ve found we need both, since neither has the best deals all the time. I realize that conventional shopping wisdom holds that food warehouses—Sam’s, Costco, BJ’s, […]

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4 Best New Years Resolution Ideas for Your Money & Finances That Can Pay Off Big

With the possible exception of the weigh loss/start exercising promise millions will be making to themselves for 2011, getting into better financial shape is probably the top New Year’s resolution, for this year or any other. Sadly, most New Year’s resolutions don’t survive January! Ever wonder why? Most New Year’s resolutions set the bar too […]

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How Much Money Should You Save in Your Emergency Fund?

There are different yardsticks out there for creating a credible emergency fund. Dave Ramsey’s recommendation of $1000 is an excellent start if you’ve never had any kind of savings in the past. The only problem with this is that while $1000 is better than nothing, it just doesn’t cover a whole lot of emergency these […]

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5 Ways to Get Rich – What It Takes to Be Rich and Build Wealth

When you think about people who are rich, do you often find yourself thinking that Lady Luck played a major role in how they got to where they are? Doubtless luck played a part at some level, but I’m here to tell you that personal decisions, lifestyles and discipline are far more significant than many […]

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The Single Most Important Financial Step

Here it is the secret to untold success with your personal finances and it involves only one step: starting. Frankly this is the secret applies to so much more than you finances such as your job, your weight loss plan, your spiritual health and your education. It’s so easy to focus on the the things […]

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Use Online Tools for Fund Raising

This is a guest post by Craig Kessler, marketing director of BudgetPulse who also manages the BudgetPulse blog and can be reached on Twitter.  If you haven’t already checked out BudgetPulse take a look it’s a great free service for managing your money online. Johnny plays for the Wichita Tigers, a little league team in […]

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10 Things Your Baby Doesn’t Need that Can Fund Their College Education.

I want to share my sage parenting advice to you would be or soon to be parents. The amount of products the corporate juggernauts are advocating for the health and well being of your baby is staggering. Here’s a secret: You don’t need most of them. I’ll never forget the day I walked into a […]

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24 Ways to Help you Buy Cheap Used Books

Books are a guilty pleasure of mine.  Frankly I don’t feel that guilty about it, most everything I’ve ever learned has come from a book or augering in spectacularly in a heap of flames and rubble.  The book route is much less painful.  To that end I love a good book that I can refer […]

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