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Friday Round Up – Simplification Edition

Lately I’ve been feeling like FiscalGeek was starting to look like a stock car the only thing missing was an STP banner. So I’m in the process of slimming down the site, making it as fast as technically possible and easier to navigate. If you’ve got any feedback hit me up via the contact page […]

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Saturday Round Up and Blast from the Past

Hope you’re having a nice weekend. This week I wanted to dust off some of FiscalGeek’s old content back when only I was reading it. This is still a cool tool to manage your time and your finances for that matter. Check out Twitter and Remember The Milk to Automate Your Finances. Remember the Milk […]

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Free Downloadable Audio Books from your Library No Less

It’s Good Friday and a very slow day in many places. I wish we would adopt Europe’s model and actually take some time off for Good Friday and Easter but what can you do. Over the last several weeks I’ve been using my drive time and lawn mowing time to listen to a variety of […]

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Friday Round-Up – Get Motivated Edition

Well here we are again, it’s Friday and I hope this has been a great week for you. If not well it is Friday after all, here’s hoping for a good weekend. It’s been a busy but good week for me. My youngest turned 7 and also got promoted in his Tae Kwon Do class […]

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Friday Round Up with Report

Don’t ask me why I have fireworks on the brain but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them all night. That phrase “with report” meant whatever it was you were lighting off would do its thing and then when finished explode. To a 13 year old boy there was no greater joy. We […]

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Friday Round Up – Secrets to Success Edition

Happy Friday it’s been a quick week, a lot going on guest posts a new staff writer and the beginning of the FiscalGeek podcast. I would love it if you subscribed to the podcast either on iTunes or the direct URL. I hope to provide a whole collection of useful resources on the Podcast and […]

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Friday Round-Up – Longing to be Free Edition

It’s been a long week with respect to my day job and frankly I’m longing for new adventures charting my own course. I have a variety of ideas in the works and certainly my success here at FiscalGeek has helped bolster that plan. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely thankful for my day job which […]

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Saturday Round-Up Olympic Hockey Edition

Hope you’re all having a great week and you’ve got to see some of the amazing hockey going on in the Olympics. I’m very much looking forward to the USA vs. Canada game tomorrow. It’s on at noon PST so don’t miss it. Wanted to share some of the stuff going on this week things […]

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Delayed Friday Round-Up

What a week. Honestly I haven’t been looking at anything online this week, my attention has been entirely focused on the Olympics. My family and I headed up to Vancouver this week and got to see the USA vs. Norway Mens Hockey game on Thursday. We won 6-1! I can’t honestly describe how cool it […]

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It’s Coming!! BOND WEEK! and round-up.

That’s right I know you are excited for our series on Monday looking at BONDS! (Imagine I’m yelling that.) Five whole days of BOND mania, starting with the basics and driving into more detail so that you are a certified BOND specialist at the end of the week. I’ll do my best to make it […]

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