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Are You REALLY Saving Enough Money to Retire?

If you’re an average, middle class individual or couple, chances are you aren’t saving nearly enough to provide a comfortable retirement for yourself. If you doubt it, play around with a retirement calculator. I did some experimenting with Kiplinger’s Retirement Savings Calculator, plugging in some scenarios to see what turns up. I have to report […]

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Will you outlive your retirement savings?

An article appeared on Bloomberg last week that sounded the alarm on the very real prospect that millions of people will outlive their retirement savings. Lawmakers Seek to Prevent Americans Outliving Savings (Bloomberg, June 11, 2010) had this to say: “In 1983, 62 percent of workers had only company-funded pensions, while 12 percent had 401(k)s, […]

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Why Tax Deferral May Be a Sucker’s Bet

This post is from FiscalGeek staff writer: Kevin Mercadante. I’m very excited to have him contributing to the site. You can find out more about him at his own blog I don’t normally write on tax issues, and for the most part I’ve quietly bowed out of the Roth conversion debates springing up across […]

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How to Start Investing for Retirement

This is a guest post by PT of PT Money: Real Personal Finance for a Life Without Limits. When you go check out his blog be sure to download his free ebook 52 Ways to Make Extra Money. When I think about investing, I have one goal in mind: a safe retirement. I don’t need […]

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The Single Most Important Financial Step

Here it is the secret to untold success with your personal finances and it involves only one step: starting. Frankly this is the secret applies to so much more than you finances such as your job, your weight loss plan, your spiritual health and your education. It’s so easy to focus on the the things […]

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Should you Invest or Save for Retirement While in Debt?

I know this is a question that a lot of people have wrangled with in their own lives. When I was struggling to find a plan for my own personal finances I took the shotgun approach. Yes I contributed some money to my 401k, some went to the kids college, a little extra went towards […]

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The A-Team talks about the Roth 401k vs. Traditional 401k’s

That’s right fools, the A-Team is not just about rescuing your biker infested small town, they’re here to help you with your retirement planning. So light your cigar, pull out your welding cart and lock and load we’re talking about 401k’s. [The scene opens on a deserted small town with some thug like biker’s hassling […]

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Calculate the True Cost of Debt

As my wife and I head towards debt freedom working through our debt snowball I use a variety of methods to keep us motivated. For me that has included looking at what our debt is costing us as it relates to our future. It’s simple, every dollar you spend on interest to your lender is money that could be working for you.

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Dave Ramsey Answers FiscalGeek on Retiree Investing Advice

Dave Ramsey Answers FiscalGeek on what to invest your retirement savings in after you retire, conservative? Nope, not for Dave.

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