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What is the Best Investment Option? Invest in Yourself!

Most of us think of investing in terms of stocks, bonds, real estate, retirement plans, investment portfolios, investment allocations—the usual topics of discussion on the subject. When we get into this discussion, the concept of investing can be reduced to a math equation—how much do we invest here, what’s the expected rate of return, etc. […]

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5 Ways to Get Rich – What It Takes to Be Rich and Build Wealth

When you think about people who are rich, do you often find yourself thinking that Lady Luck played a major role in how they got to where they are? Doubtless luck played a part at some level, but I’m here to tell you that personal decisions, lifestyles and discipline are far more significant than many […]

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Deal or No Deal – Take $198,000 or Go for $2 Million?

Though I don’t spend much time watching TV game shows, Deal or No Deal is one that I pay attention to when it’s on. Watching people make big financial decisions under pressure and in a short time frame is an interesting study in human psychology that’s way bigger than game shows themselves. They all involve […]

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How to Buy Mutual Funds

So it’s time. You’ve decided you want to start investing, either for retirement, your kids college, or merely to start making your money work for you. The first question is how do I actually buy a mutual fund? Well hold on, let’s back up a bit and first look at briefly what is a mutual […]

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Start your own Paper Investing Portfolio for Free

If you are tentative about dipping your toe in the proverbial investing waters we’ll present a great option for you to try out your elaborate investing strategy with no risk. TradeMonster is a new affiliate here at FiscalGeek and we’ll show you why we like it. Take a walk through and see all of the […]

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How to Start Investing for Retirement

This is a guest post by PT of PT Money: Real Personal Finance for a Life Without Limits. When you go check out his blog be sure to download his free ebook 52 Ways to Make Extra Money. When I think about investing, I have one goal in mind: a safe retirement. I don’t need […]

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BOND IS BACK! Savings Bonds That is. TIPS, EE and I Bonds.

Ah Savings Bonds, most any investment book you can find will have a portion on the safest of bond investment choices and typically they are excruciating. Hopefully I can convey the same form of information in a fashion that is more approaching a stubbed toe rather than a root canal. Be sure to check out […]

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Bond Week Begins – What is a Bond?

Whoopty flipping do a whole week devoted to bonds? I promise I will do my best to keep you awake as we explore this important investment type. In the coming week we’ll start with learning what a bond is, different types of bonds, why you might want to include them in your investment portfolio and […]

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10 Ways To Invest $100

This guest post comes from Michael, a contributing editor of the Dough Roller, a personal finance and investing blog. Investing your money is never an easy task. Those that have a lot of money will tell you that more money equals more problems and those without a lot of money will tell you that’s a […]

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Should you Invest or Save for Retirement While in Debt?

I know this is a question that a lot of people have wrangled with in their own lives. When I was struggling to find a plan for my own personal finances I took the shotgun approach. Yes I contributed some money to my 401k, some went to the kids college, a little extra went towards […]

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