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8 Steps You Can Do Today to Protect Your Identity

Closing on this weeks series about Identity Theft here’s a quick action plan you can do today to better protect you from the ravages of thieves. Protect Your Identity Today Buy a Shredder. I know this one’s obvious everyone tells you that you should shred those credit card offers but that’s because it’s important. I […]

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Stop Identity Theft with a Security Freeze

While there isn’t one silver bullet to protect yourself from identity theft freezing your credit reports with a security freeze is an excellent and inexpensive way to limit your potential losses. In essence it puts a hold on your credit file so that you can’t add any additional credit lines without unfreezing the account first. […]

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Check Fraud: Why Writing Checks can be Hazardous to Your Wealth

Writing checks is one of those activities which, like driving, becomes so ordinary that we can’t see the potential hazards we face every time we do it. But every time we use a check to make a payment there is a real potential that it can fall into the wrong hands exposing us to a […]

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Warning: Your Identity Is In Danger. A True Crime Story

In 2009, 11.1 million U.S. adults became victims of identity fraud up 12% from the previous year and a 37% increase from 2007. Those are shocking numbers but what does it translate to in dollars? The fraud amounts totalled $54 billion. With each incidence averaging $4,841 according to Javelin Strategy and Research. This week we’re […]

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Do You Know What Your Insurance Company is Saying About You? Find out for Free

There is a lot of focus on merely checking your credit report which I agree is important in protecting your identity but did you know there are several other reports about you can check for free? A potential employer might possibly pull this information on you before a hiring decision is made. Or your insurance […]

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Stop Mail Theft Once and For All

These days identity theft is rampant. According to the Federal Trade Commission in a survey taken in 2005 over 8.3 Million adults were victims of some form of identity theft. A common method of would be thieves is to open accounts in the victims name using credit card offers stolen from their mailbox. Outright theft […]

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Protect your Identity Online: Facebook a Social Hackers Dream

Use these few tips to lock down your Facebook profile to keep would be Identity Thieves at bay.

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