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Screen Door or Window Screen Repair: Frugal Fix

With a small amount of effort and money you can easily repair your own door and window screens or give them a full tune-up. This is a really simple process that most anyone can accomplish with great results.

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Manage Your Passwords and Protect Your Identity

If you are like any average computer user you’ll have to manage usernames and passwords for dozens of Internet sites, computer domains, voicemail, telephone banking and odds are you’ll use the same information for all of them. Not only does this increase the likelihood that your password will fall into the wrong hands, it leaves you […]

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Frugal Fix: Revive your Cell Phone or Electronic Devices from Water Damage

If you are like me you have dropped your fair share of cell phones, pagers, ipod’s, gameboy’s and camera’s in various bodies of water. Come on who hasn’t had a pager ride your belt right into the urinal? Okay maybe that was just me. Over the years I have polished some techniques for reviving these electronic items resulting in a fair survival rate.

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Zero Based Budget Part 3 The New Beginning

Welcome back to our conversation regarding Zero Based Budgeting.  This will conclude our series and we’ll cover some of the tools you can leverage to help you with your budgeting life. I personally use You Need a Budget and it has helped immeasurably to keep our family on the same page with our finances and […]

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Zero Based Budget System Part 2

In part 1 of our series we talked about the high level aspects of budgeting, let’s get under the hood a little more and look at some real world examples and tools for making your life infinitely easier. But first I would like to talk a minute about communication. “Dude FiscalGeek what’s your problem, give me the […]

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Refinance Your Home Even if it’s Underwater with the Making Home Affordable Program

If your home value has decreased and you don’t think you can refinance you still may be able to refinance at today’s mortgage rates. The Making Home Affordable program from the US Federal Government is designed to help homeowners who may have Adjustable Rate Mortgages that are adjusting or have loans with higher interest rates who may not qualify for conventional loans due to their home value versus their mortgage balance

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Is your printer robbing you blind? Calculate your Electricity Usage with a Kill A Watt

Is it worth your time to reduce electricty usage? Where’s the best bang for the buck? More importantly how would I really know how much I’m saving? Read on to learn how to use the Kill A Watt to calculate your electricity costs for most anything in your house.

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