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6 Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Tasks for Improved PC Performance

Whether you use the Internet for work or pleasure, nothing is more frustrating than having pages load slowly or not at all. You can have the fastest Internet connection in the world, but if your PC is not maintained on a regular basis, you’re still going to encounter problematic issues. Rather than having your computer […]

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How to Save on Home Maintenance with Simple Do-It-Yourself

Easy DIY

A stunning and almost unnoticed development has come about in the past few years: middle class homeowners are paying other people to cut their lawns, maintain their properties and clean their homes. Not a whole bunch of years ago, only rich people hired outside services to maintain their homes. I’m not certain how or why […]

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How to Buy Future-Proof Technology

There’s nothing worse than buying the newest/coolest/hottest fad technology that everyone is dying for when it goes on sale, only to realize that the next newest/coolest/ hottest fad technology will be launched in three weeks. What a bummer! After wasting enough money on the next best thing of the past, you want to find something […]

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24 Ways to Help you Buy Cheap Used Books

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Books are a guilty pleasure of mine.  Frankly I don’t feel that guilty about it, most everything I’ve ever learned has come from a book or augering in spectacularly in a heap of flames and rubble.  The book route is much less painful.  To that end I love a good book that I can refer […]

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Make a Homemade Toy That Kids Will Want: The Grappling Hook

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What if I told you if you could make arguably the coolest action figure accessory ever with a paper clip, some kite string and a little solder. With a little work you can create your own grappling hook scaled for your kids Power Rangers, GI Joes or Barbies. Yeah you bet Barbie needs a grappling […]

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Dutch Oven Cooking: 2 Mega Easy Recipes for Frugal Camp Cooking

My family and I enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.  We are fortunate enough to live in the Pacific Northwest so our camping options are many.  Last year we scored ourselves some cast iron cookware including a dutch oven for outdoor cooking.  A dutch oven or camp oven is really just a cast iron […]

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The FiscalGeek Cell Phone Trade In Program: Free Cell Phones for Life

I’m going to let you in on a secret that the Cellular Carriers don’t want you to know. I’m going to drone on for about 8 pages explaining that you can unlock the hidden riches of the Cellular World. I’m also going to go into excruciating detail how I’m the foremost expert in selling, buying, […]

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How To Make your Own Homemade Air Conditioner

Okay technically it’s not an air conditioner it’s an evaporative cooler aka a swamp cooler but definitely provides a level of cooling to your room. I’m not going to lie to you. This is not a 2 minute fix, nor is it for the faint of heart, and finally it’s not the most attractive of contraptions (as […]

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Protect your Identity Online: Facebook a Social Hackers Dream

Use these few tips to lock down your Facebook profile to keep would be Identity Thieves at bay.

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Speed Kills…Your Gas Mileage that is. Hypermiling for Noobies.

On my recent good old fashioned family trip to the Oregon Coast we roadtripped down in our VW SportWagen TDI.  I had hundreds of miles to cover and while on the freeway I figured I’d test out some different techniques to see if I could maximize our already excellent gas mileage. We normally get about […]

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