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The Best Gift Cards to Give When You’re Out of Ideas

Many times we think of gift cards as one step short of “I forgot to get you a gift, so I got you one of these”. And while there may even be a lot of truth to that assumption, some gift cards are more welcome than others. In fact, there are some gift cards we […]

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4 Best New Years Resolution Ideas for Your Money & Finances That Can Pay Off Big

With the possible exception of the weigh loss/start exercising promise millions will be making to themselves for 2011, getting into better financial shape is probably the top New Year’s resolution, for this year or any other. Sadly, most New Year’s resolutions don’t survive January! Ever wonder why? Most New Year’s resolutions set the bar too […]

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6 Ways to Save Big on Holiday Christmas Shopping for Gifts

The holiday season is a blessed time of the year, but one that can also wreak havoc with our budgets. Like every other expense we deal with (yes, as much as we don’t like to think of it as such, with everything else Christmas represents, it is very much an expense!), having a plan will […]

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The Best and Least Expensive Kids Birthday Party Idea

When I was a kid, a birthday party was having friends over to your house, with cake and ice cream, balloons, hats, presents and—if you were big time—a piñata. Sometimes a sleepover followed, sometimes not. Birthday parties were simple and pretty standard so there wasn’t much concern with being behind the social curve. But as […]

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Your Mom Called, Here’s What She Wants for Mother’s Day


I started an experiment and thought I would have my wife poll her Facebook friends to find out what the discerning Mom’s out there really want for Mother’s day. I thought I’d compile a nice list of items at Amazon and I’d be done. In some respects I supposed I already knew the answer but […]

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Free Gift Wrapping Using Unconventional Materials

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Let’s face it, we all forget wrapping paper or don’t want to go the expense of purchasing yet another roll of ugly paper with a Bizarro world view of Santa and his reindeer.  Here at FiscalGeek labs we’ve been working on some inventive ideas for covering your gifts.  Notice I said covering, those may appeal […]

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