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The Best Gift Cards to Give When You’re Out of Ideas

Tweet Many times we think of gift cards as one step short of “I forgot to get you a gift, so I got you one of these”. And while there may even be a lot of truth to that assumption, some gift cards are more welcome than others. In fact, there are some gift cards […]

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What’s Your Financial Style – Fixed Lifestyle or…Life?

Tweet Do you ever feel that you earn a pretty decent living, but at the end of the week, month or year, there just isn’t much to show for it? You have a good job, a nice home, a good car and the overall trappings of middle class life in the 21st Century. But it […]

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Are You Preparing For the Next Economic Recession?

Tweet We find ourselves in one of those peculiar times when it’s anyone’s guess which way the economic winds are blowing. The media is doing little to untangle the confusion. Last week Yahoo! Finance reported that the economy may be dangling on the edge of another downward plunge in 5 Doomsday Scenarios for the U.S. […]

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Should You Relocate to Cut Costs & Decrease Living Expenses?

Tweet In an economy where people are experiencing what may be a permanent reduction in income, one of the more radical solutions is to pack up the family and the household contents and head for someplace where the living is cheap—or at least cheaper. If an income is lost or if it becomes a matter […]

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My Dad the Mole Hunter

Thumbnail image for My Dad the Mole Hunter

Tweet This is a story so important to shaping the person that I am today I have to run it again. I posted this before last Father’s day and since I had approximately 4 readers at that time I thought those coming later to the party should get a chance to share in the awesomeness […]

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Your Dad Doesn’t Want Pants for Father’s Day

Father's Day

Tweet I was listening to the radio the other day and the local department store was advertising their sale on slacks and chinos for Father’s day. For the love of God do not buy your father pants, he doesn’t want them. In order to right this wrong I though I’d provide some shopping ideas that […]

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Do YOU Think the Recession Is Over?

Recession or Recovery

Tweet How is the economy in your corner of the world? We’re hearing and reading much these days about the improving economy—the stock market has climbed over 50% since it’s low point in March of 2009, banks are becoming profitable and it looks as if the worst is over for housing and on the job […]

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What Would You Do With a Cash Windfall?

What to Do with a Windfall

Tweet This question is kind of fun, but the answer to it can reveal how we think about money at the deepest levels. Budgeting paychecks is a matter of necessity; we have a certain amount of income that needs to be allocated to cover a certain level of expenses. When it comes to windfalls however, […]

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Enter to Win a Free Copy of You Need a Budget (YNAB)

YNAB Giveaway

Tweet That’s right ladies and gentlemen you too could win your own personal copy of You Need a Budget absolutely free no strings attached. Okay maybe one string, you need to join the other FiscalGeek Personal Finance Freedom Fighters and sign up for our mail list. You’ll find a form at the bottom of the […]

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Exchanging Extra Pounds for Dollars

The After Shot, Before.

Tweet That’s the plan anyways. Today I’m embarking on a weight loss challenge with some of my fellow blogging buddies. We’ve enrolled in “the matchup” at healthywage. The grand prize is $10,000 to the team that loses the greatest percentage of weight starting today and ending on August 15th. Our team is the Beefcake Bloggers […]

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