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New Paint vs. New Siding as a Home Improvement Project

Many homes in the United States are covered with aluminum or vinyl siding. If you do have this siding on your home, you probably already know that your siding is not going to last forever. Generally speaking, you can expect your siding to stay in good condition for approximately 20 – 25 years. Of course, […]

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Lifestyle Inflation – Where Financial Disaster Starts

Remember early in your life when you didn’t have much money, didn’t make much money and maybe didn’t know quite how? You probably lived on hope, hobbies and friendships more than anything, but somehow there was a sense of purpose in the middle of the struggle that not only kept you going, but it probably […]

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Are You Throwing Away or Wasting Food Needlessly?

Looking to save money where ever possible, many people will spend hours or even days searching out the best deals on cell phone service, the lowest rates on credit cards or working on ways to make their homes more energy efficient. But perhaps because we’re blessed with an over abundance of food, many of the […]

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The Best and Least Expensive Kids Birthday Party Idea

When I was a kid, a birthday party was having friends over to your house, with cake and ice cream, balloons, hats, presents and—if you were big time—a piñata. Sometimes a sleepover followed, sometimes not. Birthday parties were simple and pretty standard so there wasn’t much concern with being behind the social curve. But as […]

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Are You a Gadget Hound?

“Gadget Expense”—necessity, form of entertainment or addiction? Have you ever known anyone who has a gadget addiction? You know the kind of person who has to have every new gadget that comes out on the market? Eventually, maybe most people will have the majority of the gadgets he’ll buy, but he’s usually the first one […]

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Why the Gym is a Waste of Money

This is a guest post from Darren Norman, a new blogger at Enter The Norman. Darren writes about his experiences and struggles with exercise for the lazy and weight loss in an ever fattening world. He was featured for his extraordinary weight loss on NBC’s Today show be sure to watch his story below. Norm’s […]

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A New Way to Save When Grocery Shopping

My wife and I have never been big couponers. Is that even a word? No matter. I certainly don’t have the patience to try and match what we are buying to coupons and then figure out what we could make based on those choices. I know there are volumes of sites devoted to that exact […]

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Free Gift Wrapping Using Unconventional Materials

Let’s face it, we all forget wrapping paper or don’t want to go the expense of purchasing yet another roll of ugly paper with a Bizarro world view of Santa and his reindeer.  Here at FiscalGeek labs we’ve been working on some inventive ideas for covering your gifts.  Notice I said covering, those may appeal […]

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10 Things Your Baby Doesn’t Need that Can Fund Their College Education.

I want to share my sage parenting advice to you would be or soon to be parents. The amount of products the corporate juggernauts are advocating for the health and well being of your baby is staggering. Here’s a secret: You don’t need most of them. I’ll never forget the day I walked into a […]

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24 Ways to Help you Buy Cheap Used Books

Books are a guilty pleasure of mine.  Frankly I don’t feel that guilty about it, most everything I’ve ever learned has come from a book or augering in spectacularly in a heap of flames and rubble.  The book route is much less painful.  To that end I love a good book that I can refer […]

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