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As the Temperature Drops Watch Your Tire Pressure: Frugal Fix

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My truck reminded me this morning that colder evening temperatures means the loss of tire pressure. The cold causes your tires to contract and you’ll lose about 1 pound of air pressure for every 10 degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature. My vehicles have TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems on them to warn you when […]

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Save your Water Damaged Cell Phone with a Bheestie

If you’ve been with FiscalGeek for a bit you’ve probably read my post on Saving your Cell Phone from Water Damage. One of my readers recommended the Bheestie Bagas a way to dry out your electronics other than dipping it in alcohol or putting it in a ziploc bag full of rice. Long story short, […]

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Screen Door or Window Screen Repair: Frugal Fix

With a small amount of effort and money you can easily repair your own door and window screens or give them a full tune-up. This is a really simple process that most anyone can accomplish with great results.

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When DIY has No ROI: Diary of a DIYaholic

I’ll be honest this is going to be a semi-painful tell-all of DIY projects gone awry of yours truly.  When presented with the option to pay a professional $100 to complete something for me when I could only spend $20 if I did it myself, I’ll pick the latter option most every time.  Well that’s […]

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Frugal Fix: Revive your Cell Phone or Electronic Devices from Water Damage

If you are like me you have dropped your fair share of cell phones, pagers, ipod’s, gameboy’s and camera’s in various bodies of water. Come on who hasn’t had a pager ride your belt right into the urinal? Okay maybe that was just me. Over the years I have polished some techniques for reviving these electronic items resulting in a fair survival rate.

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