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Paper Budget for Your Pocket

Paper Budget

The pocketmod is an innovative way to print out 8 pages of anything in PDF format which with a little patience you can fold into a pocketable booklet to carry in your wallet, manpurse or pocketbook.

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Is your printer robbing you blind? Calculate your Electricity Usage with a Kill A Watt

Is it worth your time to reduce electricty usage? Where’s the best bang for the buck? More importantly how would I really know how much I’m saving? Read on to learn how to use the Kill A Watt to calculate your electricity costs for most anything in your house.

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WolframAlpha helps you with your Debt

WolframAlpha is a great way to perform a variety of financial calculations including debt paydown scenarios among so many other things.

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Lighten your Wallet and Reap the Rewards

This is a trick way to put all your loyalty card programs on one card saving you from the embarrassing Costanza like wallet. You merely enter in your various programs (up to 6 on one card) verify the codes match and then you can order the cards. There is no charge for the card but currently they charge $2.97 for shipping and handling.

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