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We’re Debt Free!

That’s right, this is the post I’ve been waiting to write since before I started FiscalGeek. We just sent off our final payoff to Wachovia Dealer Services on our VW Sportwagen. In just over 11 months we have managed to pay off $63,535.65 of credit cards, credit lines and two vehicle loans. Yes we still […]

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45 Days to Debt Freedom How We’ll Raise $8572.91

My wife and I sat down this week and decided rather than hoping we could end our debt snowball sometime in February that we should just bust it and complete it by the end of January. The problem is after this months extra payments and what not we need to come up with $8572.91 to […]

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Principal vs. Prepaying, Our Debt Snowball and How Wachovia Stole $8.03

As you may be aware my wife and I are working on our debt snowball and we all we have left is our VW and our mortgage, woot!   Above is our current progress not including the mortgage.  Incidentally if you’d like to be able to graph your own debt snowball or anything else for web […]

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Roll your Debt Snowball Over Your iPhone: Pay Off Debt Review

So there you are minding your own business, rolling your old giant debt snowball and think to yourself “This is unbearable not knowing at every second of the day the status of all my debt payments if there was only a way to keep track on my iPhone.”  Well what do you know there’s an […]

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Debt Snowballers Rejoice: Consumers Bust Debt by record $21.6B in July

This just in from the Associated Press consumers have busted their debt snowballs and according to July’s numbers have paid down $21.6 Billion dollars in debt! All of this while the government is trying to induce you to take on more debt by buying a new car with the cash for clunkers program. We’ll see […]

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Credit: The Lazy Person's Budgeting Tool

I want to share a cautionary tale of a shady past filled with overdraft credit lines, a myriad of checking accounts and an income that was allowed to trickle into cracks, crevaces, bookstores, eating establishments and hardware stores. The moral of today’s story: Credit is not a replacement for sound financial planning and budgeting.

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The Debt Snowball Saved my Marriage: Spreadsheet Tell-all

For those buried under an avalanche of credit card, car, and personal debt you’ll never find anything as useful as the Debt Snowball or it’s many variants. A debt snowball is simple. You take all of your outstanding debts: credit cards, personal lines of credit, bank loans, student loans, car loans, 2nd mortgages, home equity lines of credit, overdraft credit lines (yes that’s debt too) and order them from the smallest amount owed to the largest amount owed.

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