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The Career Diaries: The Network Engineer

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Today I’m starting a new series on FiscalGeek profiling different professions giving you an insiders view of various jobs and careers. The goal being to give you a better view of a potential career by giving you more than the 10,000 foot view offered in vocation guides and top 50 job lists. A job is […]

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Boost your Income for a Season

If you’re driving towards a goal such as debt reduction, emergency savings, vacation or merely putting food on the table there’s a lot to be gained by temporarily boosting your income. There are certainly a lot of standard part time jobs like the old favorites: Pizza Delivery and Lawn Mowing but have you considered some […]

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10 Interview Questions You Better Be Ready to Answer

Presented here are a sample of standard job interview questions you might be asked in a typical interview. These focus more on you, your experience, and how you handle yourself in various situations. Obviously you will probably be asked more technical questions related to the job at hand but through my over all experience as both an interviewee and interviewer these are some I’ve been asked and have in turn asked myself.

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12 Ways to Fail Your Job Interview

During my time in management I have had the opportunity to hire many people which means I’ve interviewed over 50 people both for my positions and for fellow managers. It was one of my favorite parts of the job getting to meet new people, learn their motivations and in many cases learn what not to do. So without further adieu 12 sure fire ways to fail your job interview.

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