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Is Your Car Ruining Your Budget?

In the never-ending pursuit of saving money we search out every nook in our lives trying to find hidden and unnecessary expenses we can either cut or eliminate. But try as we might to find small reductions in a whole bunch of places, eventually we bump up against the wall of our fixed expenses—the truly […]

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Real Men Pay With Cash

Ladies I’m leaving you out of this discussion because I am not a woman and couldn’t even begin to profess that I know what a woman should or should not do. If you want add yourself to this discussion simply add a “Wo” and you’re done. Or you can just head on over to the […]

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The Single Most Important Financial Step

Here it is the secret to untold success with your personal finances and it involves only one step: starting. Frankly this is the secret applies to so much more than you finances such as your job, your weight loss plan, your spiritual health and your education. It’s so easy to focus on the the things […]

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Paper Budget for Your Pocket

The pocketmod is an innovative way to print out 8 pages of anything in PDF format which with a little patience you can fold into a pocketable booklet to carry in your wallet, manpurse or pocketbook.

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Quicken Essentials for Mac Review

Well it’s finally here the much awaited release and my review of Quicken Essentials for Mac.  Okay maybe not everyone was waiting for my review but it’s nice that it’s finally out I think you can agree.  There’s a definite drought in the Mac world as far as personal finance software is concerned. The good […]

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Why I Don’t Use Zero Based Budgeting

This is a guest post from Daniel Packer over at Sweating The Big Stuff. Daniel writes about negotiating, saving, and conscious spending while attempting to maintain a high quality of life. To read more, subscribe to his feed or follow him on twitter. As you must know by now, Fiscal Geek is a HUGE fan […]

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How to Budget Like an Olympian

What do the Olympics and budgeting have to do with each other? More than you might expect. If you’ve followed FiscalGeek for any length of time you know that I’m an enormous fan of zero based budgeting and let me tell you why. You are laying down your money course down before the months race […]

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You Need a Budget (YNAB) 3.0 Personal Finance Software Review

Just yesterday You Need a Budget 3.0 (Open Beta) was released into the wild so I upgraded immediately. I know it’s sad, but it was almost as if I got an early Christmas present. I use YNAB Pro almost on a daily basis and have for about a year solid. It’s worked great for me […]

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Use Online Tools for Fund Raising

This is a guest post by Craig Kessler, marketing director of BudgetPulse who also manages the BudgetPulse blog and can be reached on Twitter.  If you haven’t already checked out BudgetPulse take a look it’s a great free service for managing your money online. Johnny plays for the Wichita Tigers, a little league team in […]

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Quicken 2010 Personal Finance Software Review

Intuit released it’s latest version of it’s flagship product Quicken 2010 on October 11th 2009 so being the geek I am had to acquire a copy for review and see if it’s worth the expense both for myself and my readers.  The sad state of affairs is that as far as the personal finance software […]

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