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I started an experiment and thought I would have my wife poll her Facebook friends to find out what the discerning Mom’s out there really want for Mother’s day. I thought I’d compile a nice list of items at Amazon and I’d be done. In some respects I supposed I already knew the answer but what Mom’s really want is one of their most precious commodities. Time. Time for themselves to just relax and enjoy the day. Or for Mom’s of adult kids time with their loved ones enjoying the day. So I’ll let them speak for themselves and then you can find a nice collection of items for all types of Mom’s you might want to give them along with your time and handcrafted items.

The Mom’s Speak:

I want to be pampered–a day all about me. Totally sounds selfish, but I think if most mom’s are honest with themselves–they would agree. Dad in charge of everything around the house. –Kamille

I definitely love to spend time with my kids, but I also enjoy an hour or two to myself. It’s sort of a new tradition the last couple of years. 🙂 –Laurel

I want to sleep in and I don’t want to cook dinner! My perfect day would be sleeping in, a bubble bath with a good book and then have my hubby pick up some Thai food for dinner. Kamille, is right, dad in charge of the kids! Love my kids but time quiet time rocks! –Linda

At the risk of preaching to the choir…save the flowers, the crowds, the plans, the demands, give me peace and serenity. Just one day…it’s all we ask. : p –Erica

Not just alone time but if they could get some chores done so I don’t have to be thinking of what’s to come the next day after the day of rest is over. That would be perfect! –Janeen

Yes, a sleep in, a nice breakfast with kiddos before Dad takes them out to do something while I have a nice bubble bath in a quiet home 😉 Then picks up dinner on his way home 😉 PERFECT! –Melissa

RAIN BOOTS!!! Yes, I’m serious! I really want some cute, comfy ones, but can’t bring myself to spend my own money on them! 🙂 And, then of course, not having to cook would top it off. –Rachel

Have you read the book Five Minutes of Peace about the elephant mama (okay, I don’t like the fact that mom is an elephant!)? It’s a GREAT book:) As for me persoanlly, I’d spend every minute with my kids and David as long as there is no bickering and no repsonsibility for me whatsoever, kind of what Kamille said. That would be my perfect Mother’s Day…with some flowers and coffee of course:) –Shelley

I consider it a huge planting day. We go to mass and have an obnoxious breakfast. Then we go to Flower World where I shop until I fall over (or the van is full, or someone cries…) and then I plant. BLISS!! –Julie

I just don’t want it to be like every other day. No cooking, dishes, laundry, etc (those things still get done, just not by me). Gifts aren’t necessary just homemade cards and a little pampering is fine with me 🙂 –Maureen

A day where I don’t have to prepare any meals or clean up after them, no chores, and just make my day happy! That would include not complaining about how much you hate gong out to eat and how you’d rather be home at your own dinner table. A pedicure would be nice too – even that can be done at home! But the day is all about ME!!! And tell me how fabulous I am! 🙂 –Nicole

With a smile on my face, the ONLY reason I am a mom is because of my darling little one – so I like to spend my day with her doing small stuff that makes her happy and makes me happy. My first Mother’s Day was spent in a hospital with my tiny one in an incubator and talking about her possibly having heart surgery. Today, we both get to celebrate her calling me Mom and me being called a mom together. This year, maybe Remlinger Farms, maybe a hike, maybe a bike ride along the river, nothing fancy, just fun and smiles. However, no cooking or cleaning for me –Margaret

Paul, I bet your mom would be thrilled if you called her and told her you wanted to pick her up at work and take her to lunch. Then bring some flowers and a ridiculously big card up to her office (so all the ladies can see what a sweet son you are). They would all be crying. 🙂 –Angela

I like spending the day with my mom. We go to church with the kids and then we leave them with their dad for the rest of the day. We then go do whatever we want. Fancy lunch, movie, shopping, dinner. Whatever WE want! –Tedra Jo

For my mom I am making her a plaque with each of the kids handprints to put outside her door at the nursing home with the girl’s pictures. Lots’ of grandma bragging rights and makes her feel very loved. Then off to see a matinee. She loves the movies. –Denise

Paul, Mom’s of grown kids want time with their kids. I usually spend Mother’s Day doing something that we enjoy together! It’s perfect for both of us.–Tresje

My mom wants us to spend time with her and her grandkids. We’ll be having a nice brunch. The best mom’s day gift I got from Thom was a three page letter of all the things he admired about me as a mom. I re-read it again the other day and cried again. Touched the deepest part of me. –Tricia

Themed gifts — like a coffee/side table for the patio, a mug with the kids’ hand prints, and a gift card for Starbucks. Okay, so that’s exactly what I would love to get this year.:-) One year Darin got me a book to write all the cute things the boys say in, and I continue to jot things down in it. That was really a great idea. –Rachael

I want to sleep late, have the house cleaned for me and not have to make any decisions about meals all day! Cleaning out my car would also be a cool gift! –Justine

Don’t Forget the Handcrafted Items!

Get those kids making some stuff, birdhouses, grappling hooks, macaroni sculptures of Mom. Why not wrap it in something equally as terrific as she is?

There’s still time to Get It From Amazon

Okay I didn’t come up with these I admit so that means they might be items that a Mom could actually want.

What are you getting your Mom for Mother’s Day?

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