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There is a lot of focus on merely checking your credit report which I agree is important in protecting your identity but did you know there are several other reports about you can check for free? A potential employer might possibly pull this information on you before a hiring decision is made. Or your insurance rates might be affected by items listed in these reports. So here are some different agencies to check and where to get your own free copy.

  • ChoicePoint consumer files contain a whole host of information about you that is maintained by the LexisNexus company. This information includes a public record search that will include real estate transactions and ownership data. Any liens, judgment or bankruptcy records and your historical addresses. You’ll also receive Two C.L.U.E (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange reports) which gives a summary of any claims that the insurance industry might have paid on your behalf. There is all sorts of information provided beyond what I’ve listed so it’s definitely something you’ll want to check and make sure you see how others might see you. You can request this report once a year for free by filling out a Request for Full File Disclosure and mailing it in.
  • MIG Group maintains a database of various information perhaps about you including such information as medical conditions or medical tests. The information is “coded” so it’s more generic in nature but still something you might want to manage. These “codes” might also report if you engage in dangerous hobbies or jobs. You can get this report for free once a year by calling 1-866-692-6901 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-866-692-6901      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or 866-346-3642 for the hearing impaired. If you are a Canadian resident you should check out the MIB Group website as they have special instructions for you.
  • The last one we’ll talk about is ChexSystems which reports information to banking institutions. If you’ve ever been denied an account at a bank or credit union odds are it’s in the ChexSystem. You can order this report once a year for free at ChexSystems website.

This is important information that various companies and fields are exchanging so it behooves you to know what information they are sending around and also gives you the opportunity to fix any errors that may be propagated. This is a first step to insure your reputation is kept intact.

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