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Hope you’re having a nice weekend. This week I wanted to dust off some of FiscalGeek’s old content back when only I was reading it. This is still a cool tool to manage your time and your finances for that matter. Check out Twitter and Remember The Milk to Automate Your Finances. Remember the Milk is a cool little app that you can leverage from pretty much anything that has some form of connectivity. SMS, Twitter, iPhone, HTTP, IM, Android, you name it. It’s just a very handy and lightweight task/calendar manager.

New Stuff I’m Looking At

Honestly not much online this week, I’ve been head down with work and I’ve picked up the exercise regime. Also I started an Ice Hockey clinic this week so I’ve been pretty busy. I’m afraid I don’t have anything new online to look at right now. So if you are looking for something new you can always go to one of my favorite sites on the web Awkward Family Photos. This can always get me laughing.

Stuff I Participated In

My Post Real Men Pay With Cash was featured in the Carnival of Personal Finance #252: Famous People With Tax Troubles Edition.

From Around the PF Blogosphere

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