Real Men Pay With Cash

Real Men Pay With Cash


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Ladies I’m leaving you out of this discussion because I am not a woman and couldn’t even begin to profess that I know what a woman should or should not do. If you want add yourself to this discussion simply add a “Wo” and you’re done. Or you can just head on over to the Centsible Life for the day.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “I use my credit cards so I can earn a free off peak contiguous 48 states red eye companion fare on Ghetto Air every 3 years.” Then this is for you.

Top 10 Reasons that Real Men Pay with Cash

  1. Real men spend less when they pay with cash.
  2. Debit and credit cards are like the limp fish handshake of the purchasing world. “Yes I’d like to purchase this pack of chicklets and a package of swedish fish. $2.79 you say? Sure here’s my credit card so you can enjoy a nice $1.10 fee for me not being man enough to carry $3 cash.”
  3. You carry a roll of Benjamins around because you’re confident that if someone tries to mug you on the street you’ll throw a flying leg kick before parting with your hard earned cash. Calling your card company to cancel your card is like tattling on your big brother.
  4. You pay cash because you want it to hurt a little bit when you’re buying that new random orbit sander. “I do enjoy having you in my wallet, maybe that’s where you should stay.” A sheet of sandpaper might work just as well
  5. You cannot fold a credit card and still have it operate.
  6. No one has ever been declined at the Target checkout by paying for your Jonas Brothers lunchbox with cash.
  7. You can’t track your debit card transaction with Where’s George. Real men want to know that their dollar bill bought a Poison bandanna in Conshohocken and a piece of rhubarb pie in Duluth.
  8. You’ll never, ever be charged a late fee for purchasing a sofa sectional with cash.
  9. Paying with cash will hone your arithmetic skills to laser like focus. It will also impress the ladies that you can count.
  10. Paying with cash will prepare you for your trip to Japan where they don’t take kindly to those who pay with plastic and they almost certainly don’t take American Express.
  11. Real men enjoy taking up 7 minutes of the bank tellers time to count out your 6 fifties, 12 twenties, 3 tens, 5 fives and 14 ones. Yes I would like an envelope for that thank you very much.

(Photo courtesy John Althouse Cohen )

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