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It’s Good Friday and a very slow day in many places. I wish we would adopt Europe’s model and actually take some time off for Good Friday and Easter but what can you do. Over the last several weeks I’ve been using my drive time and lawn mowing time to listen to a variety of audio books mostly business related. It’s a great way to consume a lot of content in what would otherwise be mind wandering time and I’m full on hooked. My company provides the capability to download some audio books from our internal site but the business topics are relatively light, if I wanted to learn how to code in C# while I drive I’m set though. I cannot imagine anything more excruciating than to listen to a code development book. So I explored some more options and was just going to purchase some when I realized that my good old King County Library System will let you download thousands of titles for a set time period that you can then transfer to your mobile device or burn to a cd. Awesome! So this week I’ve listened to Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk (which I’ve got to imagine the audio version is 10 times better than the written since he just freestyles most of it) and I’m currently listening to Tribes by Seth Godin. There’s all sorts of good stuff on there. And my casual research shows that there are hundreds of Libraries around the U.S. that offer the same thing from Overdrive. Definitely something to look into for rounding out your information arsenal. Use that commute time or otherwise unproductive time to stimulate your brain. And Free!

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Peep out my entry(s) in the carnival of personal finance at Four Pillars Blogthority Relaunch Edition. It seems I mistimed the previous weeks but he was kind enough to put both of them in there. Thanks Mike.

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