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Don’t ask me why I have fireworks on the brain but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them all night. That phrase “with report” meant whatever it was you were lighting off would do its thing and then when finished explode. To a 13 year old boy there was no greater joy. We reveled in announcing the name of the firework as we pulled it from our brown paper sack and lit it off. “I now present to you Breathtaking Soccer!” Caution emits shower of sparks. Light fuse and get away.

In my adult life I confess I still like fireworks. Oh yes I like to watch them but I much prefer to light them. A couple of years ago my wife and 2 kids and I were making our yearly trip down to the Oregon Coast for the 4th of July week. Earlier that month we had received a phone call from my wife’s dad to come stop by on our way down. We hadn’t really been in contact with him at all but thought it might be nice. It just so happens that he is a member of a local Native American tribe and had his own fireworks stand. Since my wife’s birthday was so close to the 4th of July he presented her with her gift which constituted an entire truckload of mostly illegal fireworks. I tried to hide my excitement as I loaded rockets, fountains, roman candles, ground bloom flowers, tanks and some aerial displays like I’d never seen into the back of my truck. He came out with the grand finale called “The Bad Mother In-Law.” Yes it was going to be a good 4th of July. We said our goodbye’s and headed out. On the day of the 4th we retreated to the parking lot of our beach side Inn to begin our firework show. In retrospect I see the folly of starting my opening volley with a 32 shot aerial of smoking paratroopers but at the time I was just thinking that the kids would love to try and catch them as they parachuted to the ground. Well what really happened was it gave the Cannon Beach police a very easy way to home in our position and confiscate our fireworks. As it turns out Oregon won’t let you light off any kind of firework that goes into the air. So as we are loading my entire of supply of ordinance into their patrol cars the deputy looks over at me as he places the 256 shot “Bad Mother In-Law” into the trunk and says “I would have loved to see that one go.” “Me too” I said. we now enjoy the city firework show in Independence Oregon and I leave it to the professionals.

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