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Happy Friday it’s been a quick week, a lot going on guest posts a new staff writer and the beginning of the FiscalGeek podcast. I would love it if you subscribed to the podcast either on iTunes or the direct URL. I hope to provide a whole collection of useful resources on the Podcast and if you are thinking of refinancing or purchasing a house in the future this is a must listen. I interview a Mortgage broker and friend who provides an insiders view of the mortgage industry and explains in detail all the various fees and gotchas to look out for. A transcript will also be provided.

Staff Writer

Yesterday was the first post from Kevin who will be contributing every so often here at FiscalGeek and he opened with a bang with his controversial post: Is there Such a Thing as “Good Debt?” I’m so excited to have Kevin onboard, he’s a terrific writer. So be sure and hit his post and leave him a comment. There’s a lively conversation going on there already.

Stuff I’m Looking At

Todays tip is focused for the Internet crowd, bloggers etc and is not specific to Personal Finance so bear with me. In todays edition of new stuff I’m looking at I wanted to share a tool that I’ve been using to help me pick some areas of focus and also to inform some of my new projects not FiscalGeek related. It’s called Market Samurai and allows to get all sorts of information regarding keywords, rankings, competition and so much more. I believe it’s a 7 day free trial and then they’ll send you an email to purchase for $97. It’s the most expensive piece of software I have purchased for my blogging business but it’s paid for itself in about a day.

Stuff I Participated In

The Carnival of Personal Finance at SimplyForties

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