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Well here we are again, it’s Friday and I hope this has been a great week for you. If not well it is Friday after all, here’s hoping for a good weekend. It’s been a busy but good week for me. My youngest turned 7 and also got promoted in his Tae Kwon Do class to the masters class. He’s pretty stoked about the whole thing now that he gets to spar and use weapons. I’m starting to feel like I need to train myself. At the rate he’s growing he might hit my size and having a 6’4″ black belt in the house vs a 6’4″ out of shape tech worker might be a problem. I’ll have old age and treachery on my side, plus he’s a good kid and respects his dad so I think I’ll be okay. Anyways enough rambling on to this weeks tips, new stuff and link roundup.

Passwords as a Motivational Tool

I was thinking of this last night as I had to change the passwords on many of my various domain accounts at work. I’ve worked in technology in one form or another for the last 19 years (yikes) starting in college and I’ve always had to maintain an inordinate amount of passwords for my various accounts. I realized quickly that I needed some form of system so that I could think of new ones easily and that I could remember them. I started with movies. Then one day I had an epiphany and realized that I typed them so much maybe I should include some message to myself to help reinforce an area of my life I wanted to work on. So whenever I have to think of a new password I think of something I could use some improvement on and make up a password for it. Then when I type it in 20 times a day I can’t help but remember and be motivated. Honest this really does work.

Some examples

When trying to lose some weight: L0seW8t!
Pay off Debt: P8yD3btN0w!
Career: GetNuuuJhob_

Make sure their strong

As a techie I can’t help but remind you to make them strong by having at least 8 characters alternating letters, numbers, symbols and case. I wrote a post on managing your passwords Manage Your Passwords and Protect Your Identity that you might want to reference if you need help tracking all of your passwords. And if you do one thing to protect yourself please do not use the same password for everything.

New Stuff I’m Looking At

I frequently run into Personal Finance bloggers all over the place. I’ve been running through the Internet Business Mastery Academy for a new side project I’m considering and ran into Jaime Tardy who just launched her site Eventual Millionaire. It’s a great start and a beautiful layout so stop by and give her a little encouragement. I liked her last post Why YOU Need To Be a Millionaire.

What’s Going on Around the Interwebs

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