The Secret to Success. Hustle.

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This is a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. What makes a person or a business successful and I keep coming back to the same word: hustle. I don’t mean that you’re working some kind of racket or scam. Rather I’m talking about busting it with everything you’ve got, every time even when you don’t feel like it. Your heading in to work and maybe you don’t know everything about what you’re doing but you consistently are giving every bit of effort you’ve got to get the job done. That’s hustle. I’m talking the Rudy Ruettigers of the world who through their shear will and determination make a name for themselves and thrive. In my neck of the woods we have a tire shop chain called Les Schwab. Yeah there are tire shops everywhere but what sets them apart? When you pull into their parking lot, one of the technician’s literally runs out to meet you and find out what they can help you with. That’s hustle and that’s why it’s the only place I buy my tires. Maybe it’s why I dislike baseball so much is that when the innings change, these millionaire players can’t be bothered to hustle it in to the dugout they just mozy on in taking their sweet time.

What does Hustle Have to Do with Personal Finance?

In a word, everything. If you’re being slowly crushed by a mountain of debt, hustle is going to bring you out of it. Sell all your stuff. Take on additional work. Cut up your credit cards. Find areas to reduce in your budget. Snowflake that five dollar bill you found in the dryer on your Smells Fargo credit card. Don’t settle for a 24 month debut reduction plan when you can buckle down and do it in 12.

If you are looking to change careers try on your new career first as a side hustle. Research the industry. Talk to people in the business. Make your name known among potential employers. Let them know you’ll be seeing them soon. Build a social network to help advise you. Show them what a valuable hire you would be by your extreme efforts.

Hustlers Among Us

I’m surrounded by hustlers and it encourages me every single day. I see them at work. Pradeep I’m talking about you. I see them on the weekends: April and Peter who are working several jobs, going to school so they can meet their goals. I see them on Twitter: @deliverawaydebt. Jeff truly is an inspiration. He’s fed up with his debt so he took a job as a pizza delivery man to hustle himself out all that much quicker. Check out his tweets on Friday night while he’s out delivering pizza’s or read his blog. I see them on the Internet: Matt Jabs at Debt Free Adventure seems to be everywhere. Writing for different sites and nearly every day on his own site so that he can be working for himself by the end of the year. Baker at Man Vs. Debt has many projects rocking all while he’s traveling the world with his family, hustling it all the way. Kelly at The Centsible Life is balancing being a full time mom with writing, and all sorts of media engagements. These people are my heroes and their are millions of them out there.

Hustlers You Know

Think about the people in your life. The businesses you admire. What do they have in common? Are they filled with employees who do the bare minimum? Or do you like to go there because you know they are going to do everything in their power to make you happy? Odds are they aren’t just succeeding based on raw talent, they work at it too. I’d love to hear some stories of people you know, or maybe you personally hustling it.

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