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Hope you’re all having a great week and you’ve got to see some of the amazing hockey going on in the Olympics. I’m very much looking forward to the USA vs. Canada game tomorrow. It’s on at noon PST so don’t miss it. Wanted to share some of the stuff going on this week things I’m looking at and some interesting reading around the Personal Finance world.

Stuff I participated In

A light week overall I forgot to submit my stuff to various carnivals so really it was just my submission over at Budgets Are Sexy for the Carnival of Personal Finance Dollar Doodles Edition which featured my post What is a Good Credit Score? Should you Care?

New Stuff I’m Looking At

My blogging friend Pete at Bible Money Matters has just released his first ebook simply titled Make Money With Your Blog. I have read it and implemented several of his ideas myself. It’s the real deal and covers everything from the technical steps to actually get a blog going to much more advanced topics for promotion and writing. He’s been doing this for awhile with a great amount of success so he knows what he’s talking about. I highly recommend this for any potential new blogger and that’s not just because I get a couple of bucks for you buying through my link. I would promote this regardless.

From around the Interwebs

Early Retirement Extreme presents Your budget is like a leaking ship

Patrick presents Beginner Investing Strategies

MD presents The Problem With Real Estate as an Investment

DeliverAwayDebt presents How to Adjust Tax Withholdings

Peter presents What Documentation Do I Need To Claim The First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

ABC presents Technical Analysis Stock Trading

Mike presents Financial cell phone apps

Financial Samurai presents The Government Is Sexist And Nobody Seems to Care

Jeff Rose, CFP® presents What To Bring to a Tax Accountant To File Your Taxes

Consumer Boomer presents Should You Invest Into a CD or Fixed Annuity

Joe Plemon presents Basics of Reverse Mortgages

PT from PT Money presents Legally Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Photo Courtesy Seth Greenham featuring the “Red Menace” aka Isaac Greenham. I couldn’t get him to have an American flag on there, what can you do he loves his country.

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