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Fiscal Geek Round-Up

I’m kicking off a new feature here at FiscalGeek. I’m going to be operating a permanent Friday Round-Up where I’ll highlight some new things I’m looking at as well as give my blogging buddies a way to submit their articles for a little bit of link love. Just head over to my Roundup Page and submit your post. Please only one post per site. Details on the page. If you like this service a link back would be much appreciated.

A Site to Behold

A new entry in the Personal Finance Blog world is Personal Finance Journey. Be sure to check her site out she’s got some great content out there already and the site looks fantastic. I really enjoyed 7 Ways to Prevent Bank Overdraft Fees. Good practical tips.

Carnivals with FiscalGeek Mention

Fun Tax Facts – Carnival of Personal Finance #242 featuring my Post Why a Storage Unit is the Gateway Drug to Financial Ruin.

Some Sweet Posts from Around the Personal Finance Realm

Kyle presents The Risks Of High Yield Municipal Bonds

Kyle presents Set Aside 10% Of Your Work For Retirement, Not 10% Of Your Income

[email protected] presents The Rise of Internet Banking

GoBankingRates presents The Little Things Add Up: The True Cost of Owning a Car

Jason @ Redeeming Riches presents 3 Fun & Geeky Ways to Save With Your Email

Lynnae presents What Should I do if my Toyota has been Recalled?

Generation X Finance presents How to Avoid and Prepare for a Tax Audit by the IRS

Darwin’s Finance presents Winners and Losers Under Obama’s Tax Plan

FFB presents First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit ““ Who It’s For And What Is Needed To Claim It

Mrs. Micah presents What is the Difference Between Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft

Frugal Dad presents The Ultimate Frugal Home Office

Patrick presents How Much Money Should You Leave Your Children’s Guardians in Your Will

MD @ Studenomics presents How My Friend Made $2,100 From Tutoring

Patrick presents Which Types of Insurance Do You Need?

B Simple presents Simple Personal Financial Tip: Know your Score

Mike presents 2009 Income Tax Changes

Matt SF presents Personal Finance Equations You Should Know: the Amortization Equation

Ben @ Money Smart Life presents New Roth IRA Rules

Peter presents Financial Considerations Of Selling Your Home: Should You Sell Your House?

Consumer Boomer presents Roth IRA Withdraw Rules, Options, and Penalties

Jeff Rose presents How to choose the best financial/planner for you

Joe Plemon presents Tax Refund? How You Should Use It and Why You Should Lose It

Stay at Home Mom CFO presents I would prefer NOT to have a Uni-brow. Better budget for that.

DR presents 2010 IRA Contribution and Deduction Limits

Elle presents Getting your tax credit with 2009 taxes if you bought a house in 2010

My Dollar Plan presents Throw a 50th Wedding Anniversary on a Budget

Ron presents Now That You’ve Set Up Your Budget

PT from PT Money presents EverBank Review: A Big Rate for Big Funds

Matt Jabs presents Turbotax ““ Prepare Taxes Online ““ Free eFile

KNS Financial presents Understanding the Making Work Pay Tax Credit

Early Retirement Extreme presents Cash flow diagrams for the poor, the middle class, and the investor class

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