It’s Coming!! BOND WEEK! and round-up.

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That’s right I know you are excited for our series on Monday looking at BONDS! (Imagine I’m yelling that.) Five whole days of BOND mania, starting with the basics and driving into more detail so that you are a certified BOND specialist at the end of the week. I’ll do my best to make it exciting, martini optional. Please join me won’t you?

Stuff I’m looking at this Week

Budgets are the New Black

A blog I discovered because of her comment here on FiscalGeek. Yes I do read all of the comments and do my best to reply when appropriate. Anyways I discovered this great blog of a family busting it’s way out of debt. Great post from the last week This Snow Is Eating My Snowball. I see we are kindred spirits because we also sponsor kids through Compassion International. Be sure to give it a read.

Image Resizer

If you’re like me and frequently need to get pictures to an appropriate size a super fast and helpful tool is the Image Resizer a free tool that lets you right click on an image and resize to one of several standard settings or a custom size. Very very handy indeed.

Stuff I participated In

My post on The Secret to Success. Hustle was on the Carnival of Personal Finance at Get Rich Slowly. I just have to say that J.D. is a classy guy, I’m sure you’ve all heard of Get Rich Slowly but if you haven’t be sure to check out his blog. Fantastic.

Fiscal Geek Round-Up Submissions

In case you missed it last week I’ve kicked off a permanent Friday Round-Up for you to submit your great posts. If you are a Personal Finance/Business/Entrepreneur blogger then this is the place for you. Submit your Post Here. Here’s a collection of posts around the Interwebs.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Multipurpose Money

Brad Chaffee presents The March 2010 “Manage Your Money” Challenge: Featuring Pocketsmith ““ Are You In Or Out?

IntelligentSpeculator presents Single Country Investing: Currency or Equity?

Financial Samurai presents How To Get Your Super Motivated Boyfriend To Marry You

MD presents Real Estate Fees You Should Know About

The Frugal Lawyer presents Citibank Killed a Unicorn and It Bled Rainbows: A Picture Story

Simon Zhen presents Everyone Wants to Know How to Invest With Less Than $1000

Jeff Rose presents Do You Need a Long Term Disability Insurance Policy?

Consumer Boomer presents How to Roll Your 401k into a Roth IRA

Peter presents Questions About The New Car Sales Tax Deduction Answered

MoneyEnergy presents What Are Stock Certificates Still Good For?

FFB presents Monster TurboTax Online Tax Software 2009 Review

Stay at Home Mom CFO presents Debt Reduction: Slow and Steady wins the Race

Joe Plemon presents Retirement Funds Tanked? Time to Redefine Your Retirement

Frugal Dad presents 33 Essential Items for Your Bug Out Bag

Debt Kid presents Should I Buy Term Life Insurance?

Evolution of Wealth presents 7 Ways Your Group Disability Will Fail

Mike presents Income Tax Software – Online or Desktop Version?

Million Dollar Journey presents RRSP Deadline

Being presents H&R Block At Home: Review & Giveaway presents Credit vs. Debit Cards — The New Wallet

ABC presents Prepare Taxes Using Software or by Hand?

Arjun Rudra presents Using Options To Increase Income

PT from PT Money presents How to Cook Steak for Less

Jason @ Redeeming Riches presents 6 Ways to Find Free Money

Matt Jabs presents How Student Loan Interest is Calculated and Why it Varies from Month to Month

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