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Before I kick off my slightly more abbreviated round-up I wanted to highlight two sites I’ve been looking at this week.

Drop Ship Maven

I came across the Drop Ship Maven by one of my Twitter friends. It’s a blog about pursing an online business using drop shippers. Effectively you sell products that you never see, the shipping and warehousing are outsourced. Something I’ve explored myself, we’ll see for the future. But a great view into this business from someone who’s making a go of it right now. Check out her post on What is Drop Shipping? for some more info.

Family Budget Bootcamp

Family Budget Bootcamp at the blog is an interesting look at the financial lives of 3 different families as they try and get their affairs in order. It shows in full transparency what money they have, how they are spending it, and 3 different financial advisors are providing guidance. A sort of reality tv blogging experience.


These were two carnivals I participated in last week.
Best of Money Carnival at Studenomics were I was awarded the #1 Spot Yeah!
Carnival of Debt Reduction at Eliminate the Muda!

That’s it for today, didn’t have time to summarize any articles for the week. Hope you have a good one.

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