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This is a guest post by Craig Kessler, marketing director of BudgetPulse who also manages the BudgetPulse blog and can be reached on Twitter.  If you haven’t already checked out BudgetPulse take a look it’s a great free service for managing your money online.

Johnny plays for the Wichita Tigers, a little league team in Kansas that his’s been playing on for the past four years, ever since he was 10.  He plays first base on the travel baseball team that recently won the area’s little league tournament and the team was invited to come down to Texas for a tournament featuring teams from around the country.  It’s an elite tournament where only selected teams can participate in, one that’s very competitive and an honor to even be invited to.  The tournament will take place on the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend and the money needs to be sent in.  The team has a fund set up for the team, but most tournaments are within driving distance.  The team has enough money in their fund for the tournament fees, but not enough for the kids to get overnight hotels, and it’s too far to drive.  The parents are on tough times and cannot financially support the hotel for the kids and without the hotel the kids can’t play in this once in a lifetime tournament.  Johnny’s parents take charge to collect money and raise funds for the team, but not sure they best way to go about it.  They and the rest of the parents want the kids to have this opportunity badly but how can they raise money for the team to participate?

One way is for Johnny’s parents to set up an online fundraising account which may be their best option.  They can create a Baseball Fund account and shoot an email to all the parents, friends, and people in the town they would like to try to raise money from.  They can set their desired target and in how long they need it.  Everyone can then directly donate money to their baseball fund where the progress can be tracked, you can see other’s donations, and keeps things nice and organized for Johnny’s parents who will be collecting money from a lot of different people.  With the online fundraising account set up, the Wichita Tigers have collected enough money for hotels so they can enter the baseball tournament.

BudgetPulse has just released this brand new saving goals function to integrate with its personal budgeting software.  Now you can set up a savings goal, collect money (via PayPal or Amazon), and then be able to track the transactions associated with it and the income and expenses with the budgeting aspect, all in one tool.  You don’t have to use multiple programs to do the same task.  Now you can strive to get some financial help for the education you desire or for any goal specific to you that you are dreaming of.  Now you can get help raising money for you child’s sports team, or for any goal specific to you that you are trying to raise money for.

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