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There’s already snow coming down in the mountains and my heart yearns to hit the slopes. This picture is my local ski area Stevens Pass. Hoping for a early start to the season.

There’s been some great posts out there this week, here are a few I’ve come across that I think you might enjoy.

Jason at Redeeming Riches talks about Accidental Death Insurance and whether you should buy it or not. I’m going to spoil the ending for you absolutely not and I’ll tell you why. My mother-in-law passed away a few years back due to a variety of health issues. She had purchased only an accidental death policy probably thinking that she had some form of life insurance to pass on to her loved ones. Her income was meager and the simple act of buying that policy probably put a severe impact on her finances. At her death that policy was useless. It’s a sad testament to a product that has no use whatsoever if you are adequately insured properly. Be sure to read Jason’s post for more information.

Kelly the “Media Maven as I like to call her” at Centsible Life shares kids answers to How Much Money do You Need to Be Rich? Something I’ll ask my kids tonight.

At WalletPop they remind us that it’s
IRA’s Roth Vs. Traditional and which you should choose.

Tom at Canadian Finace talks about Avoiding a Bankruptcy. This would be more appropriate for our Canadian readers but some of the techniques can apply generically.

Matt at Financial Methods asks What Would you Give up to be Out of Debt? an excellent to ponder and get to it!

Ray at Financial Highway ask the question “First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit- Worth The Cost?”

Clare at MoneyEnergy is talking to you Grad Students Reasons You Should Get Started Investing While Still A Graduate Student

And to Round up the weeks posts Matt Jabs at Debt Free Adventure sparked a lively conversation on The wise use of Credit Cards.

Carnivals for the last few weeks

Here are the Personal Finance Carnivals I participated in the last few weeks.

My Life ROI hosted the 224th Edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance National Dog Week Edition where my article was an editor’s choice.

Mary from Simply Forties hosted the 222nd edtion of the Carnival of Personal Finance

Jason from Automatic Finances Hosted Money Hacks Carnival #80

Tom at Canadian Finance Hosted The Festival of Frugality GI Joe Edition

Stretchy Dollar Hosted Carnival of Personal Finance History of College Football Edition

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Matt @ Financial Methods 2009/10/01 at 3:31 pm

Thanks for the shout man…

God I miss the snow!

I need to go see mom and dad in NY so I can chuck some iceballs at my brother….hey, who cares if I’m pushin’ thirty? I can still throw a mean fastball!
.-= Matt @ Financial Methods´s last blog ..What Would You Give Up to get Out of Debt? =-.

Kelly 2009/10/01 at 6:40 pm

Thanks! Media Maven huh? I sense a new twitter description. 🙂

SNOW?! I can’t think about snow, yet.

Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog 2009/10/01 at 7:18 pm

Thanks for the mention!
.-= Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog´s last blog ..Book Review ““ The Four Pillars of Investing =-.

MoneyEnergy 2009/10/01 at 11:36 pm

Thanks for the include! That snow is looking really scary right now…. maybe that’s why it’s already starting to feel like the holidays…. we went from summer to winter in two weeks. Hoping for a prolonged Indian summer….
.-= MoneyEnergy´s last blog ..New Way to Buy Gold Online in Canada ““ Scotiabank Opens Gold and Silver eStore =-.

The Casual Observer 2009/10/02 at 10:57 am

I have cheap AD&D coverage through work. I like it as supplementary coverage, but it definitely shouldn’t be used as primary coverage – that’s really not what’s it is designed for. It’s important to know that the chances of dying in an accident are quite slim and take that into account when you do a cost/benefit analysis. In my particular case, the payout is something like $60,000 per $1 of monthly premium, so it’s worth the risk.
.-= The Casual Observer´s last blog ..The First Time =-.

The Casual Observer 2009/10/02 at 11:13 am

Oh, and age is also a pretty big factor. The chances that you’ll die from accident as opposed to natural causes decreases as you get older. This is largely because deaths from natural causes increase substantially as you get older. So an accidental death policy might make a lot of sense at at 25, but not as much sense at age 75.
.-= The Casual Observer´s last blog ..DirecTV Review =-.

Jason @ Redeeming Riches 2009/10/05 at 6:58 am

Thanks for including my post, I appreciate it.

I’m sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. The bad thing about the AD&D policies is that there is a lot of confusion about when they pay and what they pay out for.

I agree with Casual Observers comment, that when you’re young it makes a lot more sense as a supplemental than it does when you’re older.
.-= Jason @ Redeeming Riches´s last blog ..Should You Buy Accidental Death Insurance? =-.

Matt Jabs 2009/10/06 at 9:11 pm

Ah ha… you’re a skier too. If I lived close we would probably be very good friends – seem to have so many things in common. I love skiing.

Thanks for the link.
.-= Matt Jabs´s last blog ..Credit Cards ““ Close “˜em Shred “˜em & Forget “˜em! =-.

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