Use Upromise to Save over $100 a Year for College by Doing Nothing

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Honest I’m not trying to pull a fast one, I’m not promising get rich quick schemes but by merely signing up for the Upromise program you’ll start earning free money for your kids, your grand kids, nieces, nephews, friends, enemies, whoever you want.  I’m terrible with coupons and I haven’t successfully completed a rebate process in years so you know this program is simple.  So what’s the catch?  You have to register your Debit and Credit Cards with Upromise for them to track your eligible purchases then they give you cash for college that’s it.

I signed up for the program a little over 7 years ago when I was commuting 180 miles a day and my gas station of choice was advertising this program.  I signed up, registered our cards and I’ve literally not though about it much but to check every so often to see what’s in there. I just checked today and you can see in the image above there is 770 dollars for my two boys.  Upromise pays you when you shop at one of their affiliated stores, restaurants or online and it can range anywhere from 1% to 5% and up.  Sometimes it depends on the particular products in the grocery store for example.  All you have to do to take advantage of the savings is purchase one of those products with your registered card and it will magically appear.  Many of the online shopping options give you money regardless of what you purchase.

Additional Upromise Program Savings Opportunities

Now if you are a more savvy saver/shopper Upromise has a mutlitude of methods to help you really rack up the college savings.  They have a program called TurboSaver that installs a toolbar to help you find online savings and we’re not talking one or two retailers here pretty much any online store you can think of is in the program:, Sears, Apple, Dell, Ebay, Walmart just to name a few.  There are always additional programs so you’ll want to check their website to see all of the opportunities for savings.

I even hesitate to mention this other method but in the spirit of full disclosure they do offer a Upromise credit card that you can get even a slightly better rate of savings but I can’t in good conscience recommend getting a credit card.

How can I Use my Upromise Money?

There are really 3 options with the money you earn in your Upromise account.  You can transfer the money direct to yours or your students  Sallie Mae student loan, but you don’t really want a loan do you, you’re saving for your kids future.  Then you might want to fund your qualified 529 college savings plan directly or finally you can request a check to pay for college expenses.

This is really a no brainer, the Upromise program really works.  It’s free money there’s little to no downside other than you’re providing them your credit,debit card information and if you have a bunch of relatives or friends without kids get them to sign up too and their purchases will help fund Susie and Johnny’s college education.

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