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If you’ve been with FiscalGeek for a bit you’ve probably read my post on Saving your Cell Phone from Water Damage. One of my readers recommended the Bheestie Bagas a way to dry out your electronics other than dipping it in alcohol or putting it in a ziploc bag full of rice.

Long story short, I wrote Bheestie and they were kind enough to send one out for me to review. If you want to see our real world test give it a watch. My son Silas volunteered his cell phone (my old nokia) for the experiment.

It took a little over 48 hours to dry out his phone and lo and behold it worked again. I was very impressed and I’m happy to have the Bheestie around for any other emergencies. It’s reusable multiple times, just be sure to keep the bag zipped close otherwise it will quickly use up it’s absorbing powers. You can find the Bheestie at their website or from retailers such as REI. That might be $20 well spent if it brings your precious phone back to life.

But How Does it Work?

I won’t bore you with the technical details of the moisture removal process largely because I don’t know what they are but essentially it’s a foil pouch with a special tiny pouch of desiccant, they are hundreds of little beads about the size of bb’s.  It’s not unlike the little pouches you’ll find in your electronics equipment or other goods that come from overseas but they seem to be highly effective.  They have some blue beads in there for indication and when the blueness goes out it’s time for a new Bheestie.  Claims are that it will last a year or longer under normal use and if you keep the bag closed tight.  I cannot verify those claims as I’ve only tested over the last month.

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