WiseBread, Tip of the Week and Carnival Round-UP

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No Learning now.

No Learning now.

I’m a week or two late with some housekeeping. First off if you haven’t noticed I’ve been invited to write for WiseBread a fantastic Personal Finance site that has a myriad of information and some great writers. I’m honored to be writing for them. You should check out my two posts:

Do yourself a favor and add them to your RSS reader or subscribe via email.  You won’t be sorry.

I also participated in a variety of Personal Finance Carnivals over the last 2 weeks:

Tip of the Week

I’m not going to even pretent that this is something I can do with any regularity but for this week: How to Remove the Smell of Garlic from Your Hands without Fancy Gimmicks. An expensive kitchen store might try and sell you a $20 stainless steel doodad to remove the garlic smell but all you need to do is wash your stainless steel knife off under cold water with your hands and voila it will be gone!  Be careful you don’t cut yourself, you can use some stainless spoons, forks, what have you.  It’s truly amazing.  You’re welcome and have a great week!


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