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Photo by Hourman at Flickr

Photo by Hourman at Flickr

If you’re driving towards a goal such as debt reduction, emergency savings, vacation or merely putting food on the table there’s a lot to be gained by temporarily boosting your income. There are certainly a lot of standard part time jobs like the old favorites: Pizza Delivery and Lawn Mowing but have you considered some seasonal work? No I’m not talking about working at Wal-mart during Christmas, not to disparage Wal-mart but there are plenty of other options available throughout the year. The nice part about seasonal jobs is that they are by their nature temporary. It’s often much easier to do something for a season with a definite end in sight, not everyone may want to fry corndogs for the rest of their life but for two weeks no problem.

Seasonal Job Ideas

  • State or County Fair worker. For our upcoming county fair they are hiring 2000 plus people to operate concessions, spread pixie dust on the tilted whirl, park cars etc.  Take some of your vacation and earn some quick cash.
  • Halloween Costume Shop and Haunted Houses. There are loads of seasonal jobs at costume shops that may setup shop temporarily or at a haunted house which would allow you to work at night.
  • Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze. These days there is a pumpkin patch about every 20 feet with some form of Corn Maze and they often need workers for the weekends.
  • Sporting Events. If you live near a professional or semi-professional sports team they will need seasonal workers for concessions and general staffing.
  • Christmas Tree Farm. If you happen to be near a Christmas tree farm and don’t mind a little hard work you can spend some of your Christmas vacation earning some money for gifts.
  • Ski Area Worker. Even if you don’t know how to ski or snowboard there are plenty of seasonal work opportunities at your local ski area.  You might even get a free or discounted ski pass out of it.
  • Camp Counselor. Who doesn’t remember the fun of sitting around the campfire with that awesome camp counselor retelling the story of the hook handed man that died on that spot 20 years ago.
  • Berry Picking. In exchange for a sore back you can work as much as you want picking berries or many other types of vegetables.
  • Referree or Umpire. Take your love of the game and convert it into some greenbacks while getting screamed at.
  • Lifeguard.  Obviously knowing how to swim well is required, but I can think of a worse way to spend your day.
  • Parks Departments. Those parks and recreation departments that still have funding often hire seasonal workers for events and landscaping.
  • Catering. During the holiday and wedding seasons there are plenty of opportunities for catering positions.

A brief amount of time searching or your inquiring directly with the local businesses and governments could yield you a wealth of ideas.

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