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I’m sitting in my backyard after a strenuous 2 hours in the hot sun weed whacking and mowing.  Time to take a break with a nice cold Coca-Cola and highlight some of the bright spots in the Personal Finance world this week.

Let me also take a moment to give a shout-out to my new subscribers.  It’s been a banner week with MSN.com highlighting my post Frugal Fix: Revive your Cell Phone or Electronic Devices from Water Damage

Welcome to all that is FiscalGeek I hope you enjoy and stick around.  I like to cover the technical or geek side of Personal Finance intermixed with my own stories.  We’ll cover everything from frugal tips, career, debt reduction, savings, software, money hacks and the like.  So again thanks for joining and if you would like to interact more you can always follow me at Twitter @FiscalGeek.  –Paul

StretchyDollar  Reminds Us to Not Forget the Work Part

Over at the Simple Dollar Trent presents A Two Account System for Automated Savings a little something I like to call: Finautomationâ„¢ okay it’s not really trade-marked, you can use it.  This is an interesting idea for those who can’t seem to wrap their head around a more formal budget plan.

You might want to check out my 3 part series on the Zero Based Budget System I utilize:  Zero Based Budget System Part 1 I use a combination of Finautomation and good old fashion budgeting to manage my money.

Kevin a guest poster at Debt Free Adventure shows us some Powerful Advantages of Renting a Home before Buying.  I wish I had read this before I began my initial foray into home ownership 10 years ago.  Zero down seemed like such a good idea.

We’ll end this weeks highlights with Jim’s look at How Debt Settlement Works over at Bargaineering.  This is a must read if you are contemplating this process yourself and is a solid bit of information from a trusted source rather than a late night radio advertisement.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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