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It’s rare that I just find a site that is so absolutely useful and cool that I add it to my quick launch bar but WolframAlpha made the grade today.  Fire it up type “credit card” in the search box and you can quickly calculate payoff scenarios, and not a one liner answer full of ads but an extremely useful output including sweet graphs, different paydown schedules and the like. This just might keep your old skool HP 12c calculator in the drawer or stop you from firing up Mathematica

Do a mortage calculation with a query “mortgage $325,000, 4.5%, 15 years” and once again prepare to be amazed.  The uses well beyond finance are astounding.  There are some really cool examples as well. 

While not as useful for your personal finances it’s cool to see what your money would look like say at the year of your birth query “$10000 (1972 dollars)” and see what it would look like today, ouch.

What about your mutual funds what do you think they are going to be worth in the future, using their present value try this “continuous interest PV=$40000, rate=12%, periods=30”. 

One more if you are a semi electronics geek like I am try “resistor green blue red” it will spit out the resistance and a picture of the resistor.  So cool.

Extremely useful I envision days lost playing with this.

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