Twitter and Remember The Milk to Automate Your Finances

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Here at FiscalGeek we are big at doing what you can to automate your finances a phenomena we are going to call “Finautomata” that’s yours don’t wear it out please.  If you’ve got a bill or a task that you need to complete at a certain time or reoccur every so often and be notified through any number of means then you need Remember the Milk.  The beauty of this service is that you can create, complete or be notified through so many forms of media such as SMS Text Message, email, web, desktop Apps and Twitter among others. 

You start off by adding rtm as your friend in Twitter then you can send direct messages to rtm and they will be added to Remember The Milk.  You can also be notified of upcoming tasks from Twitter or Text Message or what have you. Remember the Milk has a more detailed overview of Interacting with Twitter on their blog.


Remember the Milk will let you do a huge variety of items with your tasks such as categorization, recurrence and notification options.  It’s very well done, free to use and a great alternative for particular financial tasks that you cannot “Finautomate” through traditional means.  Enjoy.


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